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About Mindful Eating ME

Create a more satisfying relationship to food and eating than you ever imagined or experienced before. If you feel your current way of eating is restrictive, obsessive or unsustainable; if you feel guilty or disappointed around food, join a mindful eating (ME) group NOW. 

ME focuses your attention on the present moment, which in turn, helps you disengage from habitual, unsatisfying and unskillful eating habits. The group setting provides support for your lifestyle changes.


ME practice does not interfere with any other food plan, in fact, it enhances any current nutritional or “diet” plans. Many explore ME for weight loss, which is often a side affect of eating mindfully. 

The way it works is:
1 - You contact me and we schedule a face to face interview at my office. There is no charge for this interview. I just want to make sure a ME group meets your needs.
2 - After our meeting, if you still believe a ME Group suits your needs, and I agree, you'll be given a copy of the group confidentiality agreement. 
3 - Once you've read, and agreed to the confidentiality contract, we'll find a group for you and discuss costs and payment options.

You can contaact me via confidential voicemail 415.356.9809 and leaving a message. You can also e.mail me @ PutME in the subject line so I be sure and find it.